Published/ In press papers

  1. Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations for optimal control processes with convex state constraints (with R. Vinter and H. Zidani) in Systems & Control Letters : (Journal version) ; (PDF)
  2. Discontinuous solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations on networks (with P.J. Graber and H. Zidani) in Journal of Differential Equations : (Journal version) ; (PDF)
  3. HJB approach for state constrained optimal control problems (with A. Picarelli) in Optimal Control: Novel Directions and Applications, (Editors: D. Tonon, M.A. Aronna and D. Kalise), Lectures Notes in Mathematics, Volume 2180: (Link)
  4. The Mayer and minimum time problems with stratified state constraints (with P. Wolenski and H. Zidani) in Set-Valued and Variational Analysis: (Journal version) ; (PDF)
  5. Constrained and impulsive Linear Quadratic control problems (with P. Wolenski) in Proceedings of the 20th World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control 2017: (Journal version) ; (PDF)
  6. Self-dual approximations to fully convex impulsive systems (with P. Wolenski) in Proceedings of the 55th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control 2016: (Journal version) ; (PDF)
  7. Legendre transform and applications to finite and infinite optimization in Set-Valued and Variational Analysis: (Journal version) ; (PDF)
  8. Stratified discontinuous differential equations and sufficient conditions for robustness in Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series A: (Journal version) ; (PDF)
  9. Infinite horizon problems on stratifiable state-constraints sets (with H. Zidani) in Journal of Differential Equations: (Journal version) ; (PDF)

  1. Doctorate degree: Optimal control problems on well-structured domains and stratified feedback controls: (PDF)
  2. Mathematical Engineering degree: Pseudo-metrics induced by Legendre type functions and dynamic optimization methods.: (PDF)

  1. On a characterization of optimal profiles in open pit mining (with J. Amaya and E. Molina)
  2. An algorithm for maximizing the biogas production in a chemostat (with A. Haddon)
  3. Generalized characteristic method for fully convex impulsive systems (with P. Wolenski)
  4. On the construction of nearly time-optimal continuous feedback laws around switching manifolds (with F. Ancona)
Work in progress
  1. The viability kernel of a dynamical systems with mixed constraints: A level sets approach (with P. Gajardo)
  2. On the Pareto front of the set of sustainable thresholds for constrained control systems (with P. Gajardo)
  3. General convergence for self-dual approximations to fully convex impulsive systems (with P. Wolenski)
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  1. 2018 - 2019 REDES grant number REDI170200: Estudio de problemas de Control Óptimo gobernados por Procesos de Arrastre: Teoría y Aplicaciones (Responsible researcher)
  2. 2018 - 2019 MathAmsud 18-MATH-05: MOVECO : Modeling, Optimization and Viability for Epidemics Control (Researcher), project led by Olga Vasilieva (Universidad del Valle, Colombia)
  3. 2017 - 2020 FONDECYT grant number 3170485: Study of stratified optimal control problems via level-sets approach: theory and applications (Responsible researcher)
  1. 2011 - 2014 Marie Curie Fellowship, grant number 264735-SADCO: Sensitivity Analysis for Deterministic Control Design Initial Training Network (ITN-SADCO) (PhD student)
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  1. MAT021 - Matemática I (Complementos) : (Syllabus)
  1. MAT410 - Análisis Convexo: (Syllabus)
  2. MAT279 (MAT275) - Optimización no Lineal (Optimización): (Syllabus) (Notes)
  3. MAT021 - Matemática I (Complementos) : (Syllabus)
  4. MATH 1553 - HONORS: Analytic Geometry and Calculus II (Fall 2016, Louisiana State University) (Syllabus)
  5. MATH 7390 - Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control (Fall 2016, Louisiana State University) (Syllabus) (Notes)
  6. MATH 4031 - Advanced Calculus I (Spring 2016, Louisiana State University) (Syllabus) (Notes)
  7. MATH 2057 - Multidimensional Calculus (Fall 2015, Louisiana State University) (Syllabus)
  8. B7-2 - Stabilisation par bouclage (Spring 2015, ENSTA ParisTech)
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